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Based on our collective experience, we have devised a rock-solid and time tested 5D methodology. Our 5D methodology is not only unique, but also easily customizable, and seamless in implementation. The five stages or steps of this methodology ensures effective delivery of expected outcomes.


Every business is unique. Defining business goals clearly, and identifying challenges in achieving these goals stands crucial to every business, even more so for those businesses who are in the path of transforming digitally.


We divide the challenges into smaller actionable items, and then design a custom strategy around these actionable items. We then build roadmaps and define targeted outcomes for each goal.


We develop procedures and frameworks which help in the end-to-end implementation of roadmaps, built to transform your business digitally.


This stage also includes audit, adherence, and governance of the newly implemented frameworks to proof all our frameworks from any probable bugs.


This is the final stage where we deploy your application/software, i.e, to get your products functioning properly in its environment. The deployment stage includes installation, configuration, testing and fixing of applications/software.


Appcare services don’t just end at deployment of it digital and app care solutions. Be, it quality assurance, adherence to compliance, effective execution, or documentation, we understand, that a great app needs a dedicated support system to make it the best.

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Total Recaller CASE STUDY

Client Business


Mr. Yari, Founder of Total Recaller is an Australian based client whose vision is to make the learning process simpler.


The existing app was developed as a study and learning platform developed for struggling students who found it difficult to learn in the traditional way.


The iOS app allowed users to upload study material to the database and take tests based on it later, or as scheduled.


The user could also share the uploaded tests with their friends.


The app offered two categories – Lite users, those who could share their test with only 1 person, and sting users who could share more topics, For more features, a user had to upgrade to premium.


The idea of the app’s business was to sell licenses to Universities, where the teacher l shared tests with students, and sent reminders to take tests, etc. It also had chat integration.


Payment integration with coupon codes.



The client had an existing app, which was built as per the business model and could be successfully uploaded to the Apple Store.


However, they did not understand the business model and opted for a simple e-commerce mobile app.


It must be noted here that, according to Apple developer guidelines, only physical commodities can be categorized as e-commerce, hence, the client’s code was not stable.



Appcare found the solution in restructuring the architecture and converting the mobile app into a SaaS model. We were also very careful about two things – including database structure while converting the app into a SaaS model and following the best practices of design.


We developed a phase 2 of the app which also included a structured admin panel where the client can generate customized coupon codes, particular to the universities.

Business Benefits


At present, Mr. Yari, Founder of Total Recaller has the new version of his app successfully uploaded on the Apple Store by Appcare. The client, since then, has acquired and on-boarded several well-known universities.

We Provide

Advisory, consulting & developing strategy

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, it is crucial that you build a sustainable business. And you should only rely on experts to get things done correctly. Want to know how one of our experts can help you transform your business? Get in touch for customized advisory and consultation services.

Program/Framework audit

A time tested, and effective framework ensures that the envisioned outcomes are met. We help businesses enforce and exercise strict practices of adherence and governance.

Product strategy

Our focus, while developing apps is not limited to the development phase only. We understand product life-cycle and the importance of creating a brand story in order to connect with its target audience and build brand loyalty in the digital world. What you get in return? An increased ROI!
Our team of digital marketing experts emphasises on understanding the product needs correctly and then creating the right brand story and relates directly to your target audience by communicating the right messages to them.

Launched Apps

Launched Websites

CRMS Developed

Digital Marketing Clients

Nippon Paint

Project Summary: Appcare developed a delivery app that allowed users to make orders, connect with delivery partners, and track their order’s progress on the web, iOS, and Android platforms. The system also includes a call centre.
Reviews: It was easy to explain our ideas and they quickly picked up our concepts.
Feedback: Moving into the final stages of the project, we are glad to say that Appcare has consistently provided us high-quality services. The team’s organized project management skills and timely communication resulted in a very positive experience with promising results.

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