Appcare methodology

 Appcare Methodology

The recent times has made us more dependent on apps and their usability. More and more organizations are going digital. Keeping in mind the need of companies during this evolving technological era, we have evolved from a 5D to a 6D model. The 6Ds include – Define, Design, Develop, Detect, Deploy, and Dedicate. The 6th D being the catalyst to nurturing many successful long-term relationships with our existing clients.


Every business is unique. Defining business goals clearly, and identifying challenges in achieving these goals stands crucial to every business, even more so for those businesses who are in the path of transforming digitally.We then build roadmaps and define targeted outcomes for each goal.Hence defining plays an important role as the first step to the whole app development process. During this step, we conduct the required market research, mostly to check what’s trending and what relevant competition is up to. We then go on to define wireframes, flowcharts for processes and also devise a workflow which works best for our clients.


The “design” fans wider than the common concept of UI only. Appcare’s design process starts with charting out the right strategy, based on our market research. We first determine the data the app will display to the users, the data it will collect, user interactions, and user journeys within the app.We then design the UX wireframe and create a prototype to check how things will shape up. The rest of the app is designed on the basis of this prototype. We invest a lot of time and effort ensuring that our design has a logical framework, and the UI is intuitive enabling great UX – a great design is what we always aim for!


We develop apps that transforms businesses! Planning becomes very crucial to this step. During the development phase, we define technical architecture, pick a technology stack which is most suited for the type of app we are developing and project development milestones. The app is then developed by Appcare expert developers, based on these specifications.


Any app development process remains incomplete without this step – testing and detection. We perform thorough quality assurance (QA) testing during the app development process. This makes the applications we develop, stable, usable, and secure for targeted users.To ensure comprehensive quality assurance(QA) testing, we prepare test cases that address all aspects of app testing. The main aspects that we cover during the testing or detection phase are – user experience testing, functional testing, performance testing, and security testing.


Deploying an app means much more than handing over the finished products to our client. Appcare’s deployment phase involves a lot of support, like, submitting applications to the app store (iOS and android), getting past the app review process (meant especially for the iOS platform), monitoring app’s performance and usage and measuring the app’s success rate. We also help gather positive app reviews from end users.


Appcare aims to keep its clients on top of technology advancements and we walk the extra mile to ensure this. Therefore, we dedicate our resources for our clients even after an app has been deployed as per requirement. We provide consultation support to our clients, keeping them up to date with latest technology, identifying areas where the app can be improved to a better version and suggesting upgrades for their apps as per latest market trends and user demands.

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