What is Technology?

Technology is anything which can change our way of thinking. It begins with imagination and hypothesis and ends with practical and reality. Recent advancements in science and technology have thrown a plethora of career opportunities and also paved the way to up gradation of innovative human brains with incentive ideas inculcated in it.One such impetus now-a-days is in the form of foldable phones from the technological point of view.

Foldable phones look set to be the big new smartphone trend of 2019.

Foldable Phones – The next big thing in cell phone market

Can you imagine a phone getting clinched around your wrist like a bracelet? I think nobody can. But, a video of a woman wearing her phone like a bracelet blew away the internet last year. Although it was a rumour, yet it made everybody think of having a flexible handset. Nobody had ever thought that the rumour will become a reality one day. Yes, you read it right. The smartphone market is heading towards launching foldable handsets soon.

The concept of fold-in phones is not new to us. But, a phone getting folded outwards to transform into a tablet is something everyone needs to be excited about. Fold-out phones can be the new big thing taking over the smartphone market.

What can be candid about these phones?

Completely functional smartphones having flexible display allowing users to fold them and tuck in their pockets or open them up to become a huge tablet screen – is one of the expectations. This means that users will experience a bigger and clearer view without increasing the size of the handset.


The phones are expected to have a hinge that will let the screen to be folded outwards. The OLED display is the biggest differentiator that can allow foldable phones to have a strong impact on swathes of the smartphone market.

The smartphone market has become sluggish due to lack of innovation, but, do you think foldable phones will serve the purpose. These phones can bring a revolution in the smartphone market as they are going to hit smartphone and tablet market both at the same time. People may like to have a phone that can give them an experience of a tablet.


The names of well-known tech giants including Samsung, Microsoft, LG, and Nokia were on everyone’s lips as they all applied for patents for the design of foldable phones.

As I have mentioned the names of the technical giants in the cell-phone market, the blog will not prove its worth if examples of some foldable cell phones remain burdened. Thereby, I pen down certain examples in support of the topic below:

CL- TCL might not be a name you would expect to be among the first to launch a foldable phone and, well, you would be right, because it is probably not going to sell a foldable handset under any of its brands (which include BlackBerry and Alcatel) until next year.

But the company has shown off a foldable concept device at MWC. This has a 7.2-inch 2048 x 1536 AMOLED display and four rear cameras, but we are not convinced the final foldable will have those specs, as one of the key features appears to be a relatively affordable price.

Samsung Galaxy Fold – The Samsung Galaxy Fold – which for a long time was rumoured to be called the Samsung Galaxy X – has finally been announced, making it one of the first foldable phones.

Announced alongside the Samsung Galaxy S10 range, the Galaxy Fold has both a 4.6-inch HD+ Super AMOLED screen on the front and a foldable 7.3-inch QHD+ Dynamic AMOLED display on the inside, essentially letting you use the device as both a phone and a tablet.

It supports three-app multi-tasking and allows you to seamlessly move from one screen to the other, with whatever content you were viewing switching between them as you open or close the larger display.


Huawei Mate X-  Announced hot on the heels of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Huawei Mate X is a slightly different take on foldable phones.

The phone technically has one rather than two screens, but it can be folded down from an 8-inch screen to a pair of smaller ones, with a 6.6-inch screen on the front and a 6.4-inch one on the back.

That means the displays are larger than the ones offered by the Galaxy Fold, and the small screens also have less bezel than Samsung’s take.

LGThe latest news on a foldable LG phone comes from Kyle Yoon, senior product manager for LG Mobile, who, during a briefing, said: “When it comes to foldable, [the day will come] when we’ll all have a foldable device. That’s only if the Play Store has [apps in] a native resolution in those ratios, if the price of foldables will come down – we want to deliver a device more people can use that’s affordable and [offers] more content with 5G. We are focused on that first but foldables… yes, we will have those devices.”

 Prior to that, we heard rumours that LG has a foldable phone in the works, and that is on top of the company having mentioned “smartphones featuring different form factors” in a recent year of financial results, and having patented a foldable phone concept.

Future Prospects of Foldable Phones

Foldables are going to get weird. There is no doubt that foldable phones are going to be an exciting addition to the mobile world. But just how big will they become?


Granted, few if any will actually come to fruition, but if this first wave of foldables opens up smartphone design in new and interesting ways like these, the industry will be all the better for it. Of course, we are still in the early stages of all of this — and the first wave of foldables have yet to prove themselves of interest to the smartphone-buying audience beyond simple novelties. As well as their unique benefits, foldable phones will also have to offer everything we have come to expect from good flagship phones. So they will need amazing cameras on the front and rear, and batteries that last all day. And of course, they will need to be slim enough to fit into our pockets.

They will also need to be built to last. But will that bendy display be able to cope with all that folding and unfolding over months and even years? If the screen tech’s clever enough to leave a foldable phone looking pristine for a long time, we can see them being huge. Just as long as the price is right.

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