What is the hype about iOS 11?

Oct 30, 2017

Tim Cook can never replace Steve Jobs, some said. How can anyone be in the shoes of someone so brilliant?, they wondered. What will happen to Apple’s creativity?, they questioned.
But Tim Cook answered them all with the much-anticipated iOS 11 release. The new iOS version- iOS 11 was unveiled in June by the celebrated CEO of Apple. The teasers named ‘Beta Versions’ were released regularly to keep up the anticipation. And finally, the cat’s out of the bag. We are here to calm your nerves to explain how this affects your existing app and what you need.
Let’s start with what actually has changed.


App Store makeover

This is on the top of all iOS 11 articles. Here’s why? The “makeover” has been long overdue it’s the first change in about nine years now. The app store got a new look and feel. The new ‘Today’ tab discovers the apps for you. There is a Daily list with the focus on themes and tutorials. These come handy to help you know the functionality of the app better giving insights on their development before you decide if you want to download the app. The app design seems to be inspired by the design of the Apple Music of the iOS 10. Also, there is a new tab for games and featured apps.


Spruced up Messenger

iMessage will now sync all your messages across various devices. You will also find the Apple Pay peer-to-peer feature enabling payments to contacts through iMessage. Tim Cook promises a quick, easy and secure person-to-person payments in the US



It’s a whole new experience with emojis with iOS 11. Masked inside iOS 11 GM are ‘animojis’. Animojis better the awesome. This is what your Instagram (or Facebook) is filled with these days. Animojis animate the traditional emojis by apprehending users facial features and voices. Even better, animojis can be sent with recorded voices. A new toolbar for emoji and stickers have been added within iMessage.

Say Hi to the new ‘Siri’

Virtual Assistant Siri has now got natural male and female voices. The more intelligent Siri can now aid you while browsing a topic on Safari with related content in your email, messages or apps, take note, scan QR codes and much more. Siri now, also supports language translations in major languages like English, Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish. I’m sure there are more to add to this list.

‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’

This is a new mode appearing in iOS 11 which blocks avoidable notifications while driving with an auto reply to the sender, provided, your iPhone is connected to the vehicle through the Bluetooth. So you can drive in peace and reach your destination safely.


Control Centre, Lock Screen, and Notifications

The Control Centre eases it all with its features bundled in one single page, the sliders and a 3D touch. The Lock Screen and Notifications are all put on one single screen.

New QuickType keyboard

Miss the classical one handed typing which existed on your still working but Stone Age phone? It’s back with a bang. The keys move closer to your thumb for you to type single handed.

The Camera made its mark

iOS 11 offers optical image stabilization, flash photography and high dynamic range (HDR) for portraits. The camera, with built-in QR scanner, clicks amazing pictures with the new technology by Apple. High-Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) will reduce the size of your photos considerably. Live Photos get the new “Loop”, “Bounce” and “Long Exposure” effects. The “Loop” will convert your photo into an infinite loop. The “Bounce” will play and flip the clip. “Long Exposure” is good for scenic backdrops.

Advanced Data Tracking

A valued feature, nothing glamorous, is the ease of tracking your data consumption in your mobile. It is found in the Mobile data section in the Settings app. No need to download a third party app from the App Store anymore.


At select locations like airport and malls the new Apple maps will support indoor maps. Also, the drivers will get guided better in unfamiliar roads and terrain through new lane guidance system and speed limit features.



The new “Files” app lets you browse files saved on your device or those stored across cloud services viz Google drive, Dropbox, iCloud drive.

Removing rarely used apps

You can do this through an “Offload App” button without losing the app’s data. You can reinstall it later with the data intact.


What’s the big deal about screenshots you ask? The process remains quite the same but with iOS 11, we’ve got a new screenshot tool that allows you to quickly edit or delete your screenshot after you capture it. Why does this matter really? Because screenshots no longer clutter your photos library.


Screen Recordings

What’s the big deal about screenshots you ask? The process remains quite the same but with iOS 11, we’ve got a new screenshot tool that allows you to quickly edit or delete your screenshot after you capture it. Why does this matter really? Because screenshots no longer clutter your photos library.


Scan Document

Apple’s terrific document scanner, as The Verge calls it. In the notes app, saving a receipt, business card or any other document is dead simple with the apple’s very own document scanner. The best part? No matter at what angle you scan the document, it straightens it out and makes the necessary corrections. You won’t think twice before ditching the app you’ve been using for years now

Dark Mode

This is an already existing option but is so much better. The new Smart Invert feature is built on the old one excludes some images, medi and apps that use dark color themes and styles.
Explore your phone and please comment below to let us know if you found some other interesting features you want us to talk about.

The iPad, the best of all:

Some observers of the evolving scene of this OS opine that iOS 11 seems more in love with iPad than other products. The obvious quest seems to be to replace the laptop with the tablet. We’ve given just the highlights specific to the iPad in the article. Please comment below if you want to know more.

1. Improved Multitasking:
The new Dock facilitates accessing your favorite apps or files from any screen. Also for quick app change, we get the new App Switcher. The system wide drag and drop feature also functions between the apps so very easily, like never before.

2. Apple pencil:The pencil has become more useful than before, with the integrated support for inline drawing.

3. Instant Note:
With this feature, you can open the Notes app directly from the Lock Screen with a simple tap.

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