Here comes the Mr. iOS Update

 Apple has always been great with its new launches, be it their new iPhone or an update to their operating system. Added to the bucket is the brand new iOS 12. It promises a hell lot of brand new experiences of using an apple with exciting updates apps, new features, great speed and a lot more things that’s coming in the following lines.

iOS 12, the latest pop from apple’s stack got some new updates last month. A developer beta launch on june 4th was followed by a public beta launch on june 25th. The final iOS 12 with new iPhones is expected to hit the market by September.

The popular features include some of these best newbies like:



The new update has taken an extra leap on speed by lowering the app loading time by 40% and keyboard downtime by 50%. The sliding feature for taking pics has got 70% faster in the on the existing camera software. Promising a 200% performance enhancement on the latest iPhone X, the new iOS 12 optimally ramps up/down managing both app performance and battery life.


Augmented Reality (AR)

Apple’s inquisitiveness to turn virtual to reality has got no bounds. iOS 12 comes with a new ARKit 2 which promises developers to inculcate great AR experiences which can be shared among multiple people easily. AR elements can henceforth be exchanges via messages or emails which can then be viewed in reality. Also, the all new AR included app ‘Measure’ helps us by showing the distance between objects so fluently.


Face Time

FaceTime now supports 32 videos and audios together, with the video tile getting enlarged automatically as that person in that tile speaks, adding to group video-chats easy on the go.


Memoji and Animoji

Memoji is a customizable Animoji, where you can create a brand new animoji that’s suits your personality, mood and messages, with the face lips and eyes that can be totally customized all by you yourself.

With 4 new animojis coming in, apple promises to make your messages and FaceTime even more exciting and interesting as it has never been before.


Camera Effects

The photos clicked can now be directly customized by adding memojis, animojis, brand new filters, animation texts, cool stickers and a lot more all at your fingertips.


Screen Time

A totally new feature that provides you detailed data of how much time you or your kid spends by visiting websites, using apps or the device as a whole.



The new notification box has been designed to give you never like before experience by giving you new ways to reduce interruptions throughout the day. Real time management of notification can now be done from the lock screen or sending it to the notification centre or turning it off all at once.


Do Not Disturb

The all new AI based DND system now gives you options like turning off this mode after a specific amount of time, or when your meeting/event ends up, until your office gets over or when you leave the city on the go.


Photo Sharing and Searching

The new For You tab displays great moments from your gallery by smartly suggesting sharing photos with the people in them and if they are also on iOS 12, they get to share their photos from that event with you too.

The all new search engine of your gallery is now more refined which shows recent photos in the suggestion even before you start typing in the search, with the search providing you with your searches more quickly and accurately.

The All New OLD Siri !!!!

Finally, Siri got a bit smarter by allowing the users to assign tasks to phrases. ‘Heading home’ sends ETA notifications to roommate, provides a faster route on apple maps and sets you room as you like it. The gallery and library comes full of pre-configured shortcuts. Siri can now translate over 40 different language pairs, send motorsport scores, schedules and stats knowledge, food and celebrity facts and many more. In spite of getting more helpful Siri remains loyal to the user and prohibits password search. The whole idea of the new iOS update has been “minimum involvement and maximum experience” with features like hiding notifications during bed time, selg imposed time limits on reminders, pre planning of weekly activities and many more, essentially making your phone more of a companion and less of a gadget. The new update also features grouped notifications to clean the individual mess, smartly grouped by app, topic and thread and clearing a bunch of notification in a single swipe.

The Same Old Apps Gets a Makeover …

When the whole OS got redesigned, why not the apps get a makeover at least?

The new Apple books come with a new design making your reading more fun and easy. The redesigned Stocks app get your life stocks and quotes like never before.

Your passwords are now auto generative which are both unique and complex, giving a safer edge to your apps and websites which gets created and saved automatically in the safari browser.

Apple is redefining users with great gadget using experiences making the investment more returning by including modern technologies, AI, new features ensuring your mobile is not just a device but a friend ready to be your constant support.

The Compatibility of iOS 12 has got no end. It can be used easily on all iPhones on and above 5s. It can be used on almost all ipads like iPad air, air 2, mini 2/3/4, 5th/ 6th generation and many more. It can also be used on iPod touch 6th generation.

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