Want to make your app compatible for iOS 11 and submit your app to app store ?

Nov 9, 2017

The iOS App Store made it’s debut around 9 years ago and had pretty much the same features and look until now. With iOS 11, the App Store went through a complete makeover in form and design. The App Store now provides you the perfect opportunity and a beautiful getup to display your apps and products to millions of customers around the globe.

Using the iOS 11 SDK to give reality to your app ideas

Make use of the latest iOS 11 improvements

Use extensive concepts of Machine Learning with Core ML and make use of augmented reality technology with ARKit to build smarter and more efficient apps.

Device compatibility

Apps that work perfectly on a variety of devices are treasured by the App Store. Make sure you update your information priority list with the most recent devices and updates when submitting an app.

Make use of graphic appeal to reach more customers with your App Store icon

Using Xcode9, make sure your icon is a part of the project package and not iTunes Connect

The iPhone X addition

iPhone X boasts of a Super Retina Display. Take advantage of this brilliant and immersive feature by respecting safe areas, supporting adaptive layouts. Make sure your app is error free and address UI issues to provide the customer a thrilling experience of your product on the iPhone X.

Uploading screenshots for the iPhone X

Screenshots can now be added for the iPhone X in iTunes Connect, with a resolution of 1125*2436 pixels for portrait orientation and 2436*1125 for landscape orientation.

• You can create screenshots with the iPhone X simulator using Xcode 9.0.1
• Upload the screenshots without modifying. The edges will be automatically rounded when uploaded.
• Keep text descriptions away from corners to make sure they don’t get cropped out.
• Do not place screenshots within a hardware device image.

Final step: Testing and submitting the App

Take the BetaTest with TestFlight

This will help you get valuable feedback on the quality of your app and service before you release it to customers worldwide. Simply upload them iTunes Connect and use TestFlight to test them.

Keep the Product page updated

Update your product page with name, icons, reviews, screenshots, features description and keywords. With iOS 11, use metadata to take advantages of more opportunities.

  • Subtitles
  • Promotional text
  • A maximum of three app reviews per localization
  • A maximum of 20 promoted in-app purchases

Submitting the product to iTunes Connect

When you are done with project and have made sure that your app is ready for iOS 11 and iPhone X, submit it for review. For a more detailed explanation of the process visit


What about the existing apps?

Apps built with Xcode 8 or iOS 10 or earlier versions

The apps that were designed by Xcode 8 or earlier versions are not compatible with the screen size of the new iPhone X or iOS 11’s new bar tiles for that matter.

Here’s how an app built with iOS 10 appears on the predecessors of the iPhone X at their native resolution:

Now when the same app is run on iPhoneX, the screen will look like this:

In the former case, we find the normal 375*667 point portrait screen size of the 4.7 inch iPhones, with regular heights for the navigation bar.

In the latter case, the app is letterboxed and has slightly round corners. Though the screen appears as the same size as a 4.7” iPhone 6/6s/7/8, the status bar is still up by the notch and the navigation bar seems like a status bar. Apple’s backward compatibility on display in this phenomenon!
It can be concluded that Apple has designed the iPhone X and iOS 11 to behave in a backwardly-compatible fashion for apps made with the Xcode 8 and not expected to run efficiently on the new device. Even apps employing auto layout and having launch storyboards will appear in the middle of the screen. A developer needs to rebuild his app with Xcode 9 to make use of all it’s features and optimal screen designs.

Developers can use the Adaptivity iOS app to visualise the different screen sizes, layout margins, readable content guides, bar heights and Dynamic Type sizes that a modern, adaptive iOS app uses when running on different devices and iPad multitasking sizes.

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