A good testing and QA services minimizes the cost, mitigate risk, augment user experience levels, and application complications by offering creative solutions to create an improved and useful mobile or web application.

Appcare expertize is providing exceptional Quality Assurance (QA) Services and adopts a holistic approach for web and mobile testing and quality assurance. This approach is adopted by Appcare not only to accelerate the whole testing procedure but also reduce errors that can affect the performance of your application in this highly competitive market.

Our QA techniques are based on an app’s functionality, performance and security guaranteeing elimination of defects in the early stage of the app development process.

Here are a few QA Services provided by Appcare:

Integration Testing

We test applications and software where individual units are combined and tested as a group. It helps us find bugs and faults interaction between integrated units. We use test drivers and test stubs to assist our clients in Integration Testing.

Load Testing

In Appcare, we follow very detailed steps to conduct a full-prof load testing to ensure high performance of your application. We first define the load test scenario, determine load testing transactions and prepare data for each transaction. Then we execute and monitor the application load testing process. We then analyse the load test result, fine-tune the system and re-test if necessary.
After all, in Appcare we believe in going the extra mile to deliver the best products to our clients.

Multi Device Compatibility Testing

: Did you know that Google has been ranking sites in its search results based on how friendly the site is on multiple devices since 2015. It is very important that your applications (mobile and web), software, games, etc. are responsive across all devices – be it mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, and many such advanced technical devices.
In Appcare, we understand the importance of multi-device compatibility, hence we follow a very comprehensive Multi-Device Compatibility Testing process. Regression Testing.

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