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Based on our collective experience we have devised a rock-solid, time tested 5D methodology which is unique, easily customizable, seamless in implementation and effectively delivers the expected outcomes. The methodology has the following five stages


Every business is unique. Consequently, transforming them digitally comes with a unique set of challenges. Hence, we spend adequate time to understand business goals, processes that are already in place, and value streams that are specific to the business and create an analysis report. We customize the rest of the steps on the basis of our analysis. This helps us focus on the pain points with ease and address prevailing challenges.


We divide the challenges into smaller actionable items, and then design a custom strategy around these actionable items, define the expected outcome, and build a roadmap to achieve targeted outcomes. Our collective experience comes in handy in designing solutions to the unique challenges faced by businesses.


We develop procedures and frameworks which help in the end-to-end implementation of the roadmaps to digitally transform your business.


This stage also includes the audit, adherence, and governance of the newly implemented frameworks to reach the desired outcomes. At this stage, we detect deviations from the plan, or envisioned roadmap and implement immediate corrective actions to ensure perfect deployment and execution of digital transformation strategies.


Deployment is the final stage where we ensure that the execution adherence to the planned design and the process is achieved to get the expected outcomes.


Appcare services don’t just end on Deployment. We understand, that a great app needs dedicated maintenance to make it the best. Call us to find more about project-wise pricing details for mobile and web app maintenance.

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Total Recaller CASE STUDY

Client Business


Mr. Yari, Founder of Total Recaller is an Australian based client whose vision is to make the learning process simpler.


The app is a study and learning program developed for the struggling students who find it difficult to learn in the traditional way.


The iOS app allows users to upload study material to the database and take tests based on it later or as scheduled.


The user can also share the uploaded tests with their friends.


Lite users (can share the test with 1 person only), for more topic strings users, has to upgrade to premium.


The idea of the app’s business is to sell licenses to universities where the teacher will share tests with students, send reminders to take tests, etc.


Payment integration with coupon codes.


Chat integration.



The client had an actually working app as per the business model and has been able to successfully upload to Apple Store.


They did not understand the business model and opted for a simple E-commerce mobile app.


According to Apple developer guidelines, only physical commodities can be categorized as E-commerce and hence, code was not stable.



Appcare had to restructured the architecture and converted it into a SaaS model.


We redesigned architecture including the database structure, converting it into a SaaS model following the best practices of design.


Phase 2 of the app includes are structured admin panel where the client can generate customized coupon codes particular to the universities.

Business Benefits


The client had an actually working app as per the business model and has been able to successfully upload to Apple Store.


Acquired and on-boarded well-known universities.

We Provide

Advisory, consulting & developing strategy

In order to build a sustainable business in the ever-evolving digital landscape, it is crucial that you rely on experts. You can also get in touch with us for customized advisory and consultation services.

Program/Framework audit

A time tested, and effective framework ensures that the envisioned outcomes are met. We help businesses enforce and exercise strict practices of adherence and governance.

Product strategy

Understanding the life-cycle and weaving a story around, it is crucial for a product to connect with its target audience and build brand loyalty in the digital world. Our expert team in digital marketing will help you create the right brand story and communicate the right messages to your target audience. What you get in return? An increased ROI!

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Project summary: Using the provided wireframes, Appcare is developing a mobile app for a travel startup. The team attends weekly meetings to share updates on the project and they file all relevant documentation for easy access.
Review: They are very good at understanding our requirements and managing the project accordingly.
Feedback: Now partially through the project, all of Appcare’s work has satisfied our expectations. The team consistently communicates in scheduled virtual meetings. With their thorough understanding of the project, they can effectively manage the workflow.”


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