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About Website Development

Developing a useful, informative, engaging and interactive website has become the keystone for any business progressing towards the digital transformation era. Your customers/users perceive your organization’s and brand’s image with a few simple clicks on your website.

It is more like your first impression in front of your target audience, clients and other business alliances. The better your website is, in aspects of usability, innovative design, ease of navigation, and other engaging factors, the more you will find an increase of relevant footfalls on your website.

We not only develop websites to match with the current industry standards (always something new and trendy) but also help you SEO optimize your website structure and its content for better searchability and high website footfall.

We follow a very comprehensive process for any website development. Our Agile methodology helps us improve the website development at each stage – from inception to deployment. We also offer website maintenance services to help you stay ahead in the crowded and competitive market place.

Here are some of our website development services

WordPress Websites

Appcare helps you design, develop, maintain and optimize WordPress websites. Here is our approach to developing a WordPress website.
• Starts with a comprehensive market research and competitive analysis.
• Then we shortlist the most suitable themes for your website, keeping in mind that your website should reflect your domain of expertise and service/product lines.
• We then create and share options of visual wireframes with a dummy content architecture.
• Then comes the client mock-up – suggestions, feedback, areas of improvement etc. are taken into consideration during this phase.
• After all client feedback has been incorporated, Appcare starts the WordPress website development process.
• The most important phase is thorough testing and bug fixing.
• Finally, Appcare publishes your new/revamped WordPress website.

Drupal Websites

Drupal as a new age web content management tool and a customisable platform that allows business and technology leaders to power digital innovation. Any business enterprise has to rely on “future-thinking approach while taking major decisions related to the selection of the right technology/ies for the success of each of their projects. Drupal is your next website development platforms and has high potential scale up your business’s web technical capabilities. The best part is Drupal is free and an open-source content management system (CMS) which is based on PHP.
Our approach to developing a WordPress website:
• Leverage Drupal’s functionality of easy data management to retrieve and manage data.
• We then define a process and create effective modules based on powerful CMS.
• During the Drupal website development phase, our expert Drupal programmers provide quick & an easy support, information and even participate in brainstorming discussions with the internal and client team to fix on the best approach.
• We then make sure that the developers test and validates all the security measures aptly to ensure security and compliance of the W#C.
• Finally comes mock-up session with the client and approval of a great Drupal website.
Our Drupal website development services doesn’t end here. You can always call Appcare for the maintenance and support of your website.

E-commerce Websites

Online shopping is the actual craze of the moment. And why not? It’s easy and convenient – order from anywhere, choose from various modes of payments and voila, you receive your order usually within a very short time (even if you are living on the other side of the world).
The credit of course goes to future-forecasting decisions made by the leaders of some popular ecommerce giants like Amazon and Alibaba. And now related business (including small, medium and big enterprises) are increasingly shifting towards e-commerce solutions as it is one of the smartest and cheap digital strategy to reach the global audience.
Appcare actually follows 2 different models for e-commerce website development. Our approach to developing an E-commerce website varies with each approach.
Approach 1 – Preparing the e-commerce website from the scratch. This approach includes end-t-end coding and programming and usually time consuming.
Approach 2 – Use one of the best e-commerce development tools and build your site online. These tools help you buy a domain name and lets your host your e-commerce site on the internet.
Appcare is extra cautious about being compliant when it comes to keep the payment getaway and customer details safe and confidential.

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